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I'm planning to upgrade my desktop, I've currently got a motherboard with an Intel ICH9R RAID controller. I've heard that as long as I get an Intel RAID controller in my next motherboard I won't have to backup and restore all of my files (I'll backup the important ones but I have about 4TB of media.) If possible I'd like one with an AMD CPU since they are cheaper. Can you get motherboards which have an Intel RAID controller and support an AMD processor?


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    You won't find an AMD based motherboard with an Intel RAID controller. You can get some pretty decent deals on Intel based systems if you shop around. What is you total upgrade budget?
  2. Ok thanks. I've just bought a house so I don't really have much of a budget. What I would like is a mobo with lots of sata ports, >=5.1 surround sound and an intel RAID controller. The ASRock Fatal1ty Z68 Pro. Gen3 caught my eye but then I've got to find another £100 for an I3/I5.

    I've currently got an old Core 2 Duo e8400 and that is fine for XBMC which is all this machine is really used for. Are there any cheap I3s (or even Celerons) which are similar or better spec than this?


  3. I would suggest any i3 or i5 will meet your needs. The Asrock is a good choice as well. Define "lots of SATA ports", please.
  4. Well I currently use all 6 that I have so the 10 in the ASRock would be usefull. By more I means at least 10 - though I suppose I could always buy a pcie raid card.
  5. Make sure you have a good PSU to power all of those devices.
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