OS Disc wont boot from cd drive

I have wiped my hard drive with a DBAN disc and now I cant get it to boot from the CD drive. Trying to reinstall xP, Vist or 7 doesnt work on any of them.
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  1. In the bios is the CDROM set as first boot device? If it is there should be black screen with words hit any key to boot from cd. If you don't see the bios screen or boot screen. May be the mb booting off the onboard video first. Also use ms Iso to USB tool to make a bootable USB stick instal.
  2. Smorizio thank you for your reply yes I have the Cd set to 1st boot device, it just comes up and sys no operating system found.

    To Anonymous1, I am not trying to boot with a DVD the DBAN I referred to is a hard dr. wiping tool on disc. But thanks for your reply
  3. If the drive a standard CDROM it can't read DVD. It needs to have dvd label or DVD burner. I would use another pc and make ms boot USB stick.
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