Can my motherboard supports graphic card?

hey guys i want to buy a new graphic card gtx 650 which has pci express 3.0 slot but my motherboard has pci express version 1.0 slot
can graphic card will run smoothly as it runs in pci e 3.0 slot.

check out my motherboard-asus m4n68t-m le v2
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  1. Well your board has a PCI-E x16 slot so it should be no problem. PCI-E rev. 3 is backwards compatible so I think you will be fine.
  2. A PCIe 3 card will run in a PCI3 1 slot without a problem. You will NOT get the same performance you would get with a 3 slot, but depending on what you have now and what you are expecting, it will be fine. You might want to look at the HD 7750 - it is the fastest card you can get that does NOT require a 6pin PEG power connection.

  3. As far as I know, the PCI-E (X16) interface is backward compatible. So any PCI-E (X16) cards would fit in any PCI-E (X16) slots. You should worry more on whether your Power Supply can handle that card really. Anything below 450W unbranded would not have enough power but good reputation branded 350W should handle a GTX 650 as long as you're not also running a 140W 6 core CPU + 8 Hard drives. And as others have state, some GPU's require more juice from the PSU so utilises a 6pin PCI-E connector. Worth checking whether the card you're buying requires one and whether your PSU has one.

    Next thing you should consider is can your CPU handle this? If you're running a single core, you'll definately need a CPU upgrade aswell to play games. However given your motherboard, I'd presume you have a decent dual or more cores CPU. Also another factor to take into account is RAM, you'd need atleast more than 2GB to run new games or else it'll just be very jerky and laggy. You should be good to go after those checks.

    Hope its helpful,
  4. I have Phenom IIx2 560 Dual core Processor And 4 Gb Ram At 1333 Mhz and i have 450 watt power supply.So it should be fine.
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