video card up grade

I have an emachines
MB Brand : eMachines
MB Model : EL1360G
NB : AMD A40/A50 Series FCH rev 00
SB : AMD A40/A50 Series FCH rev 40
GPU Type : Radeon HD 6310
DirectX Version : 11.0
can the video card be upgraded?
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  1. Yes, but it only has a 220w power supply(proprietary form factor, not easily upgradable) so any card that will run on it isnt going to be much of an upgrade unless all you are looking for is multimonitor support.
  2. I want to play WoW successfully.. I don't see a slot in the back
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    For that you need a new system. Even with a low power video card installed the CPU (amd e-300) is just too slow, and it is not upgradable(soldered to the motherboard).
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