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Hi all,

I have an HP dv6100 series laptop with switchable graphics. The dedicated card is an Radeon 6770M, the integrated graphics are Intel 3000 Graphics (I think).

Anyway, I recently noticed an issue when trying to browse the internet with Chrome on integrated graphics. The New Tab pages works fine but anytime I try to go to any page Chrome fails to load. All I see is the spinning circle outline by the tab (spinning CCW). If I try and open a page on a new tab it simply says "Loading" on the tab with the circle outline spinning CCW; the page itself is just white. I do not have this issue with the dedicated graphics card. My drivers are 12.11 Leschat Enduro, recently installed.

If I disable GPU composting and thread composting Chrome works but it is noticeably not optimal. Any advice???

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  1. Bumping threads is against the forum rules.
  2. Sorry :( should've paid better attention. I just really want to fix this problem
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