Double router issue with port forward.

I am currently running a Netgear router/ modem from the connection inrecieve through the wall which then sends the connection into a western digital n750. This is due to the nether being faulty and the need for wifi. I wan to basically remove the net gear from the network and factor in a simple modem. I want to do this as the current WD can't modulate etc and the two of these together means all my port forwards get messed up.
What is a simple way around this or what should I look to do?
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  1. Depends on your ISP... is it DSL or Cable ?

    Both can provide a straight Modem that you can plug directly into the WD... OR set the WD in the DMZ of the Netgear...
  2. Well the first router that it goes into is just acting as my Modem in this situation. But since it also provides the ability to configure the connection, it also does not allow my more up to date western digital to do its thing (which is to configure much more easily). Would I be able to disable everythign on my netgear and just use it as a modem??
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