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[Urgent] Computer won't post/beep & black screens before & after build

Last response: in Systems
May 22, 2013 5:51:37 PM

I apologize for the long read but I want to make sure you guys have all the information...

A few nights ago, I was playing a game (with a couple other programs/folders open), and all of a sudden, both of my monitors went black (they did not say no signal or disconnected cable, they just went blank. The little light by the power buttons went to the "idle" color which is amber.) and my gpu fan got really loud, as if spinning at 100%. I manually turned the computer off via power supply switch in the back (my power button does not turn off the computer if I hold it down) and tried to turn the computer back on. The monitors remained blank with no messages (lights remained amber) and the computer would not post/beep. The GPU fan continued to run very loud and everything else ran as normal, it just did not post and nothing would show up on the monitors.

I've been meaning to upgrade parts anyways so I went ahead and ordered a new motherboard (MSI 970A-G46), CPU (AMD FX-6300), GPU (GTX 650 Ti), and RAM (4GB G.Skill). I kept my PSU (OCZ 700W. The fans are spinning and the mobo lights come on which I would assume means the PSU is properly working.), 2 HDD's, and ROM drive. After installing the parts and turning the computer on, I was back at square one. Nothing showing up and no post/beep. I tried even removing all my HDD's and ROM drive and it still won't beep at me. At all.

I have read through the motherboard manual front to back to front and have installed everything the way it says to. RAM is installed in the DIMM2/4 slots as stated in the manual, CPU is properly seated with no bent pins and CPU fan is connected, rear case exhaust fan is installed on 1 of the 2 fan pins on the mobo, top exhaust fan is installed on 2 of the 2 fan pins on the mobo, remaining 2 side fans are connected to the PSU cables, I only connected my main HDD into SATA 1 (there is no SATA 0) and left out my other HDD and ROM drive.... I've checked, re-checked, and re-checked everything.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
May 22, 2013 8:48:12 PM

I would take this back to breadboard state. Really sounds like hardware. Take out the mobo set it on the box with the anti static bag with only the PSU, and the CPU with heatsink fan making sure power to the fan is plugged in, turn it on using the headers(power/reset) from the case and listen for the long beep meaning no memory. If you get the long beep install the memory and turn it on listen for one long and 2(maybe3) short beeps. If the beeps are correct up to this point install the GPU and Monitor. At this point you should know which piece of hardware is junk by when in the process the beeps either don't beep or wrong beep. If everything is right and it posts you have a hdd problem, try installing the hdd and see if it posts. If you get no beeps at any point I would guess either your case speaker is junk or PSU.
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