HD5770 Crossfire Problems!

Hi, I made a computer about a year and a half ago and recently decided to upgrade the graphics. Seeing as I already had a Radeon HD5770, I thought that it would be a good idea just to buy another and run it in crossfire. Immediately after installing the card and updating the drivers, games would lag as if the performance had gotten worse and if i try to just run one card the lagging continues. Can anyone help?

System Spec:
CPU: Intel i5-750
Motherboard: Asus p7p55d
RAM: GSkill 1600Mhz 4Gb
GPU: HD5770 1GB Crossfire
PSU: OCZ 700w
HDD: western Digital 500GB
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  1. Well did you install the Crossfire Bridge? Is the card plugged into the PSU? And did you enable Crossfire in CCC?
  2. yes the bridge is on, plugged into the psu, and enabled in ccc
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