amd fx6100 mobo PROBLEMS?

This is my current build:
AMD Fx6100 3,3ghz
700 watt power
8gb ram

Originally i was getting 25 to 100 FPS jumps with battlefield 3 so i went to OC my comp.For the past week i have been overclocking my comp from 3.3ghz to 3.8 ghz. Originally before OC i got a 3Dmark score of 6200 after OC i got a mark of 5900 which was wierd, also BF3 FPS did not increas or become stead yat all even with vsync on. I have been doing alot of research and i have posted this on many forums but i wanted to confirm something. Many people have told me that my mobo is causing all this trouble because it is possibly the worst mobo you can buy, does this have any truth to it?
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  1. Your board is pretty lame...

    OC'ing the CPU won't help gaming performance much. Try OC'ing the video card instead. I don't know any of the top of my head, but there are some pretty easy to use OC utilities for graphics cards out there.

    Your board isn't the worst, but it's up there (or down there I guess).
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