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I have a Pentium D, it came with 512 MB DDR RAM. There are two slots on the motherboard, the blue and the green one, The RAM was in the blue one. I am thinking of adding 1 GB DDR RAM. So making it upto 1.5 GB.

My question is will it support like this ? Whats those 2 colors for ? One time I added 256 to the green one, it was showing only 512 (but not 512+256). How to configure it to be 1.5 GB ?
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  1. Hard to say. Either the other slot is another channel or it is another pin count and different type of ram.
    Run Cpu-z and go to the tab that tells you what motherboard you have and look it up on the internet. You should find your motherboards specifications out there.

    I know on my old Amd K7 board (that still runs by the way) there are two types of memory it can take. 168 pin or 184 pin ram and I have 4 slots, two of each type.
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