ASUS P9X79 Deluxe MoBo Using SSD Will Not Boot

I have a just built ASUS P9X79 Deluxe MoBo w/ 256Gb SSD, 128GB SSD scratch drive, 500GB and 2TB HDD. It will not boot. Have to go to BIOS (F8) then look around, exit and sometimes the 256 is recognized and it will start. What did I do wrong? This happens every time. I get Windows Boot manager w/device is not accessible message. How can this be corrected?
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  1. Is the SSD set as the 1st boot device in BIOS (after the dvd drive)?
    Start over and follow this guide:
  2. clutchc said:
    Is the SSD set as the 1st boot device in BIOS (after the dvd drive)?
    Start over and follow this guide:

    I read the answer and I made the changes to my software, but did not want to reformat and do a new OS install. I decided to do a BIOS upgrade from ASUS on the P9X79 Deluxe MoBo. I found that there had been many BIOS upgrades for this MoBo. I did the upgrade and started the computer and it had a normal start. I then unplugged the computer and the restarted. It started again and has started for the last two days. It would appear that ASUS has addressed this issue in the BIOS upgrade and I am very happy. I did not want to do a OS re-install. Thank you for your help. I look to these forums for help from the best tech wizards around and I an always happy with the results.
  3. I am still having the same problem with my SSD. I decided to clone the SSD and move to a WD 500GB HDD. I did that and it starts just fine, a little slower, but it starts. I then contacted Crucial about the SSD and they replied with directions to complete a power cycle which reboots and re-sets the SSD. Just connect it using the power and no data cable for 20 minutes, then disconnect from the power for 30 seconds. They said it may take as many as four cycles. It that does not work, then call back to start a repair or exchange for another one. I will post what happens tomorrow after I perform the 4 power cycles. Stay tuned.
  4. I called Crucial and I was told that the SSD Firmware needed to be updated. My SSD had 010G Frirmware and needed to updated to the recent 070H update. I was told that this version had a delay problem and the update would correct this. I have two SSD's, so the update did both one after the other. It has been three days and the BIOS has found the SSD each time and my computer has had a regular start up each time. So it was the SSD the whole time that was causing my problems and Crucial did correct this problem. I want to again thank all of the experts at Tomshardware for their help. I could not have done this without your help. You guys are AWESOME
  5. Congrats on a thorough detective job. Glad to hear all is working well now.
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