I think my graphics card is going bad, need some help.

Hey everyone,

So I've got a home built PC and I think my graphics card is potentially the source of this freezing problem I've been having, but I'm not sure at all. Basically what happens is occasionally my system will lock up. Games will freeze on the screen they are on, streaming video will freeze, browser or explorer windows will go unresponsive, and the task manager won't load. In the meantime my cursor can still be moved around the screen, and in the first few seconds of a freeze I can tab between windows before that locks up as well. Within some random period of time, typically somewhere between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, everything will go back to normal and if I've tried loading the task manager it will pop up.

The reason I believe the graphics card is to blame is twofold. First, this only occurs when doing things that involve the card, so the system will only lock if I'm playing a game or have a streaming video open. Secondly, according to RealTemp my graphics card is hitting highs around 90-95 degrees when running games despite not being overclocked. I think overall my case is still fairly cool as it's an extremely large casing and my processor cores are only hitting highs around 55-60 degrees, though even that seems high so I've been considering switching from fan cooling to liquid. The lock ups are sporadic, some days it doesn't happen at all, some days it happens every half hour of gaming.

Is it the graphics card? Is there a way to test other components that are potentially to blame? My power supply is 300w above what my components require for reference, I've seen lack of power as a common explanation for lock ups during my searches for an answer. I've also seen defrags recommended, I did so on all my drives and it didn't seem to help.

Thanks all, cheers.

EDIT: I should also add with regards to temperature that the lowest temp I ever see for the card is 60-65 degrees whereas the processor cores typically sit around 30-35.
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  1. Hi Technikz,

    What are you running in your rig, i.e. CPU, GPU, RAM, MoBo & PSU???
    Also, 95c is damn hot for any card, so there is definitely a problem there.

    P.S. Download HWiNFO64 so you have 2 apps monitoring temps in case 1 gives bad readings.
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