setting up a wired/wireless nat network with a repeater

I would like to build a home network, possibly NAT. My modem is a netgear CG3000 cable modem/router with 4 lan ports situated in the basement. On the 4 ports are
1 a switch for two videophones
2 printer
3 basement PC
4 wired to switch 1st floor(with two PC’s)
The wireless lan from CG3000 in the basement doesn’t reach the main floor well enough so I would like a wired repeater there.
I have, apart from the cable modem delivered from my IP, a netgear WNDR 3400 and a Netgear WGR 614 plus a Zyxel P335 wt. I was thinking of using the wgr614 as the repeater and the cg3400 right behind the cablemodem if I need it to make a nat lan. Perhaps this is best, then I don’t have to mess with IP’s modem. The 3400 has an usb port for storage.

I made a nice drawing of this but I can't seem to copy it into here.
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    the CG3000 has NAT build-in and enabled by default.

    all you need to do is setup the WNDR 3400 as an AP (Access Point) and connect it to the switch or instate of the switch on the 1st floor.

    if the WNDR 3400 does not have an AP setting, this should help

    you do not need a repeater
  2. Thanks Emerald
    That makes it much easier
    Will set it up as soon as possible. Regard the problem as solved. Thanks again
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