Low power NAS/storage server/back-up

I'm looking to keep all our media in one place that can be accessed by all our devices (PC, laptop, tablet, tv, PS3, mobile phones etc...) either wired our over wifi and to have it backed up incase of drive failure and be on 24/7.

The solution obviously is a low power NAS with 2 drives running RAID (i already have 2x1tb SATA drives) however I believe there can be compatability issues with certain devices (EG my LG 47lm620T TV) and also that running 2 drives in Raid is not that good way to back up data.

I don't know much about backing up and network attached storage so would appreciate some advice about getting a NAS or building a storage server.
My criteria is:

1TB storage
On 24/7 or very quick wake up time
low power consumption
worry free back up of data
as few compatability issues as possible (windows 7/android/ LG tv/ PS3)

Thanks in advance for any info/idea's/suggestions

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    A mini-itx board with low power intel cpu (like g620 or i3 't' series) or even a board with integrated cpu like amd e350/e450.
    Such a system will use about 20W at idle, so it can run 24/7. Passive cooling for silence is not a problem.
    Pico PSU about 65-90W depending on additional components.
    Two or more drives in RAID1 for instant backup.
    Everything running on Linux (ubuntu) with LVM raid (not the onboard one).

    It should be cheaper than NAS and allows you to configure it as you want with the software of your choice.
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