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The cursor of my bluetooth wireless mouse is lagging very badly. I'm using fresh batteries and I'm definitely within range from the receiver. The cursor lag look as if the computer is lagging or when the mouse is at the extreme end of its range. My computer (a desktop with wifi card) is of course not lagging at all.

The mouse is an OEM Dell wireless mouse and keyboard. The keyboard worked fine, only with occasional lag. The cursor lag however is unbearable.

When I plugged the receiver into another computer, the mouse works perfectly fine. It looks like the issue is not with the mouse but my computer?

Why does this happen? What can I do to resolve this problem?
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  1. I may be a result of the laptops wireless as they use similar frequencies(in the 2.4ghz range). Maybe you can use the wireless receiver on a short extension to get it a bit of distance from the wireless antenna in the laptop.

    Also check your wireless card properties(device manager) for an option called bluetooth collaboration(if it is off, enable it to see if it helps).
  2. I'm using the mouse on a desktop. I have tried disabling both wireless and bluetooth from the network adapters panel but the problem still persists.

    I cannot find an option called Bluetooth collaboration in my wireless card properties.

    Is there a reason for something like this to have happened? Both the wireless mouse and desktop are brand new. I'm using them for the first time.
  3. Many things can cause interference. so just changing the position of the transmitter/receiver can make a world of difference.
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