Updating Pentium 4 to Pentium D dual-core

Is it worth it? If I get like 90 FPS in a game called "Crossfire" (First Person Shooter game) what will I get then after update? like 200-250? or less?
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  1. What are you paying for it? If its any higher than 10-20 bucks I would just save up your money. Not really worth it to upgrade that machine tbh.
  2. Of couse this will not double your FPS the cpu is only a small part of fps. The GPU makes a bigger diffrence. The reccomended specs are only P4 2.0 ghz so no a PentD will make no diffrence at all.
  3. The Pentium D was crap the day it was released. If your mobo supports them, a Core 2 Duo (or Quad) would be a MUCH bigger upgrade.
  4. Yeah get a C2 Duo or C2 Quad for huge performance gain.
  5. Your performance may even degrade, as, last time I checked, CrossFire only uses a single core. The Pentium D has two "weaker" cores over the Pentium 4's single "stronger" core. This is assuming you have a Pentium 4 LGA 775 Prescott with HT, which, the latest P4s were.

    A better performance boost would be gotten by upgrading the GPU, or, RAM if you are low on RAM.
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    Pentium D did not have 2 weaker cores :/ it was just 2 P4 cores strapped together ... better than P4 but the core series came out and made the Panything just a pile of ****...
  7. Thanks all ^^
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