Thermaltake Frio Advanced,always max RPM,maybe CPU too hot?

Hi.I just replaced my stock cooler with the Thermaltake Frio Advanced and it runs at 2163 RPM when idling.Can't check while gaming at this moment,but will do and update.With the stock cooler,my CPU was idling at about 50 degrees Centigrade, up to ~87 while playing.With the Frio Advanced,it's idling at an average of 45.It reached a max of 52 after a quick Skyrim run,10 minutes or so,which would go up to 75-80 with the stock cooler.I was wondering,is it normal for it to run at that RPM when idling,seeing as the specs say around 2000 should be max,and are those temperatures normal? I expected it to be a bit cooler than that.

PC specs
Rampage II Extreme / Gene
i7 920 @2.80 , Turbo mode on
3x4GB 1333MHz DDR3
GeForce GTX 680
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  1. Checked around in my BIOS settings,only thing I found was Q-Fan settings,which were disabled.I let them off since I don't know a lot about that and want to read a bit more about it
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