Wonderful ASUS AI Suite II SUCKS! Uninstall help.

The question is in the title. I, like an idiot installed AI Suite II on my ASUS P8P67 Deluxe board while I was having some fan issues(running to fast and loud), I was hoping it would let me turn the fans down further than the bios, I was wrong, I should have known better. I've researched this extensively(I am not alone in the uninstall battle) and even talked to ASUS Support Chat and them idiots just want to RMA my board that has worked flawlessly for 2 years till I installed their shoddy program.

Steps to my failure:
1-Installed Asus AI Suite II
2-Realized my stupidity
3-Tried to uninstall through Control Panel, then program didn't work at all, but it tries to start on start-up and fails to start.
4-Thought the program may have uninstalled incorrectly or been corrupted so I did a repair install then tried to uninstall to no avail SSDD.
5-Talked to winners at ASUS, they recommended a cleaner, ran that, now program still shows in uninstall a program and tries to start on startup and fails. Now when I try to uninstall in Control Panel it says
6-Now back at Toms where I should have just asked in the first place.

Why would ASUS send such tremendously crap software with unparalleled hardware? Thanks in advance.
Edit: Oh it gets better now after running the cleaner on startup the program continues to try to start and pops one of these messages about every 3 seconds over and over till I open up Task Manager and end the process tree, also I don't see the program in MSCONFIG as a startup program?

Edit: Ok I finally got it I don't know if it was the order of things or just deleting the registry keys but here's what I did.

After the repeating error up above I went into the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER>SOFTWARE>ASUS and I simply deleted the ASUS folder then restarted. On restart I got the repeating message again to ended the process tree and reinstalled AI Suite with disk that came with MOBO. Restarted and the program started up just fine and then went to the uninstaller for the program, not windows uninstaller, I went to Start>Programs>ASUS>Uninstall and restarted without a problem.

Thanks for the read. Mods can delete this if they would like.
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  1. Try running CCleaner on it in safe mode? It might be using resources that are started in normal mode and therefore can't uninstall fully... I had this problem with a few programs that monitor hardware resources and this usually fixes it.
  2. Delete all the files from Program Files,use regedit (Run-->regedit) , find all the program's entries and delete them. If that doesn't work the only thing you can do is disable it from running on startup (or use a program that removes corrupted installs etc. like CCleaner). Hope I helped.
  3. I had this problem s well. Uninstalling AI Suite and using Ai Suite cleaner is the cure (Google it, I have the file but lost the link I got it from).
  4. The AI suite 2 utility is absolute pure shit the software is incompetent and the programmer should be terminated and black balled from the IT community I have had nothing but issue after issue costing a lot of money replacing systems hardware and costly time repairing and re- installing OS and drivers They should be ashamed and concerned about there reputation as a motherboard manufacturers ASUS should remove this absolute and non functional software it is a embarrassment and complete garbage that as left me thinking twice about purchasing ASUS products in the future. Be smart and DO NOT install any of the utilities with in the support CD they are complete garbage and will completely fuck up your system. Asus as released a patch for these issues that dos not work it is complete bull shit and you will get a Blue Screen of Death if you trust the patch that only makes things worse.
  5. If you have installed the driver pack for a Asus P8z68v pro mobo Stop There do not install the AI suite utility pack. The software is pure garbage and will cause your system to fail and create a BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH
  6. I used CCleaner after closing the suite in my open programs in task bar. I am now using Piriform's speccy progam which gives the info you want about your computer. after asus had me send my mother board back and had me send my cpu back both were replaced after which i reinstalled the suite and had the same problem. speccy gives me the info i wanted accuratly
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