Gaming at 1920x1080. Which GPU?

Hey Guys,

So I am in the market for a new card and I have been holding off waiting to see what the Gtx 700 series would bring.

SO what do we think? Should I plump for a 670/80 (in a week or two hoping for a price drop) or hold out and see what price the 770 will be (now that the specs are pretty much know). I really am in no need of a 780 or titan.

I am looking to play the usual suspects: Crysis 3, Far cry 3, Metro and the like and high to ultra settings at acceptable frame rates (at 1920x1080). I would prefer not to over clock anything myself, I have dabbled in the past but its not really my area of expertise.

Current spec:
PSU: Antec True power 550w
Mobo: Msi ZH77A-G43
CPU: Intel i5 2500k (at stock speed 3.3GHz)
Ram:8gb DDR3 (2x 4gb)
GPU:ASUS GTX 560 Ti DirectCU II 1gb
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    The review of the 780 on Toms today says wait another week - I guess the author has another review being written that will help you decide?
  2. psu?
    try to oc you cpu
  3. a GTX 670/7970 (non Ghz) will be enough at 1080p, i'm using a 670 and i can max out almost every game i play except Crysis 3 (mehh!!)
  4. I know waiting for the 770 reviews and price is the best idea I just cant see if being a great improvement (looking at the current rumored specs) and it definitely wont be cheaper than what is available currently!

    As to overclocking my cpu, I would need to get a new cooler (currently using stock) and I am not confident in replacing the heat sink and thermal paste! worried I might break something!
  5. According to me use 2 Asus gtx 670 top. I don't think u will need to upgrade ur GPU in next 3-5 years. The two Asus gtx 670 top have less cost than gtx 1 titan & these are enough for next couple of years.
    But u also have to upgrade ur PSU. Use corsair professional series 850w 80+ gold PSU. Ur pc will be rock my friend with this upgrade.
  6. But if u can wait for next series GPUs then wait for them . Then u can upgrade ur CPU & also mobo. Next then month I think Intel 4th gen CPUs are launching & z877 chipset mobos will also launch. Then u can upgrade ur whole pc.
    Good luck Dr ur decision.
  7. A quick google shows that my mobo isn't really suitable for SLI, its supported but due to the design of the board there's a few people having problems. I will hold off a week or 2 and see what happens with the 770 and 600's price changes. I am really looking for something to fill my needs for only the next 12-18 months after that I will be losing the lot. (currently studying over seas so i cant bring it back with me!)
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