Help me decide about monitor with this specs (long story read)

Greetings, so i've decided to sell my laptop for 450 got another 250 myself, in total 700euros. a friend of mine want to upgrade his tower so i thought i could get his stuff cheaper. that way i would make my own tower. His stuff are amd 965 x4 3.4ghz/gigabyte mobo sata2/gtx 460 768mb/12gb ram corsair/650w psu corsair, all that for 300. so im left with 400.
from now on i have 2 options either buy the rest which includes
they might be from diffrent sites or difrent prices but all that cost 400 euro from the greek shops i wanna get them.

my big question is should i get the VG248QE and the hdd for 400 euros, get a crappy keyboard+mouse for 10euros and a crappy case for 20 euros, and upgrade them as soon as i get the money for it? all that cause when ill have the money i will change gpu/mobos everything so this big monitor its a future upgrade. i can change a case or mouse but i dont think i will change the monitor that ill get for about 5++ years

/discuss thanks in advance
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  1. The CPU and GPU are both 3 generations old. (almost 4 years)

    I would get the cheapest 1080p monitor you can, cheap mouse and keyboard and a relatively cheap (but not junk) case. I would upgrade the CPU to an fx-6300. And start saving for a new GPU.
  2. as i said im doing the start up buy up, all of these can be changed, gpu/cpu but i aint gona change the monitor thats why im thinking to buy a good one now. after 3-4 months ill get a cpu+mobo, after another 2 im gona get a gpu.
  3. any help please im buying these 2morow and im going with the good screen.
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