Page fault in non paged area BSOD

Hi everyone!

For the last couple of months I have been plagued by this BSOD. Almost every time I boot up my PC after leaving it switched off for more than 4 hours, it BSOD's on me, and it can take from 1 to several restarts for it to stop happening. The BSOD occurs a few seconds after I have booted into windows, never before, and it can sometimes take longer providing I do not try to open a window.

I looked online and saw that the page fault BSOD is normally linked to a memory error, so ran mem test, whihc reported all 4 4gb modules as fine. I then systematically removed each module but I could not determine if a single module was the problem, as the problem is sporadic and so it could BSOD on one stick, but then on another try on the same stick it may not.

Please can someone help me? I know that one extreme fix would be to install windows, but as I'm sure you can understand, this is the last option I want to resort to.

Just some quick information, I am currently running Windows 8 Professional, but as Microsoft wont let me active the software with my upgrade key, (I installed it from a disk and the key is for an upgrade from Windows 7...) the software is currently not activated. Could this be the problem by any chance? I also have the latest drivers installed for all my applications.
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  1. Please can someone help me???

    Also, I am about to order myself some new RAM, upgrading to 32gb Kingston Hyper X Beast 1866mhz dual channel from 16gb Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz singel channel. I hope that this better performaing RAM will solve the problem.
  2. God vs Satan said:

    Thank you, I shall take a look through this when I get home from work (providing my PC allows me to use it this time! Lol).

    Much appreciated.

    If anyone else has any suggestions please continue to post them!
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