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So i'm really confused. I noticed the laptop seemed pretty hot and I was messing around with toggling on/off the fan booster and decided I had to know what the temps where. I downloaded HWMoniterPro and it was telling me the cpu temp is 101c at idle. That can't be right this laptop is brand new! So I do a little research and decide to download Core temp. Whew... core temps is telling me 31c. So I open them both at the same time.. HW says 96c and core temp is 46c. Which one is right? I close them both and now they both read in the 80-90c ! I reboot the system and only load core temp and its back in the 40's... I'm confused..
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    I wouldnt believe the 90-110C temperatures. Your CPU would be automatically turned off to preserve itself from damage if it were really in the 100s.
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