Copper cooling vs IC Diamond Thermal Compound

I might buy this laptop (I have changed the processor and other stuff)
and I am making a choice between how I should cool it I can get the copper cooling for 79$ and IC Diamond Thermal Compound for 35$.
The money is not what I care about Its just what one keeps the laptop less hot.
I know about notebook coolers but they are something I can get after buying the laptop while these things are built in.
what one do you guys think is better?
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  1. dirtyferret said:
    $79 for installing thermal compound? Unionized plumbers in NYC would find that outrageous.

    the 1-2c difference between the two is not worth the money. If you want to game on a laptop then accept the fact the CPU will run at higher temps then a desktop.

    FYI about thermal compound

    so you are saying I should not get either of them?
  2. dirtyferret said:
    1. if you upgrade your CPU (you kind of have to since the i3 entry is on back order) you get IC diamond for free
    "IC Diamond Thermal Compound - CPU + GPU Provided FREE with Processor Upgrade!"
    you said you changed the CPU so i assume you upgraded it (the i3 is the lowest CPU they offer)

    2. they don't really state what the copper cooling upgrade is but the real issue in a laptop is airflow and lack of space. the copper "upgrade" may delay temps a bit but with poor airflow I doubt you see any major improvement, especially one that costs $79.

    you seem to be right with the Processor upgrade giving me free IC cooling.
    thats good then other then that I might get a notebook cooler if it gets to hot .
    Thanks guys!
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