Looking for new motherboard

I totaled my mother board. Yes I am sure it is the motherboard.

I need to get a new one but I wouldnt mind upgrading if i could do it with the same RAM, Processor, Graphics card, and power supply.

I am not new to building computers but I have never really looked for a new motherboard like this before. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on how to go about this. Money is not a huge issue looking at average mobo prices.

My old mobo was a IPISB-CH2
I am running a i7-2600k processor
2-4GB sticks of ddr3 (M378B5273DH0-CH9)
AMD 7870 Graphics card
750W power supply

Can anyone give me a hand as to the things i cshould be looking for? Thanks.
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  1. I'd think your easiest path is to buy another H67-based chipset. That *should* allow you to use the same copy of Windows (may have to call MS and explain you had to change due to a failure and are not upgrading). If you have a full version (not OEM) of Win 7 or retail Win 8 tho, you're good even going up to a Z77-level mobo.
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