Need help finding a gpu.

Ok guys so my brothers friend wanted me to help him find a GPU for his prebuilt system. Its Dell Inspiron i660 6986k. As far as i can tell from specs i found online, it has a decent i5, and 8gb of ram. So the only 'really' lacking component is its onboard graphics.

Also it looks like it has a 300w psu which is my other problem.

Link to GTX 650 e

I have been looking at the asus GTX 650 E because of the fact that it doesn't need any power connections. Will this GPU work on that PSU? If not do you have any suggestions that will work with a 300w PSU?

His primary purpose is gaming, and i don't know his budget, but im guessing that it wont be a problem considering the low wattage. No power connector on the card is ideal, since im not sure if his computer has any free power cables.

Thanks in advance guys.
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  1. Hi
    i doubt 300 W will manage the magic .....
    from this link:

    Noise And Power

    TDP 65W
    Idle noise level 43 dB
    Load noise level 43.5 dB
    Idle power consumption 104W
    Load power consumption 231W
  2. Thanks for the reply. That was kinda what i figured. I have never build a 'gaming' pc with less than 450w so I have no clue what GPU could go in there.

    Any ideas on GPU's low wattage gpu's or should i tell him he should plan on upgrading PSU's as well.

    The games he plays that i know of are WOW and Rift and his monitory is 1920x1080.
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    I think ATI 7750 is the top - there was threat here in TH
  4. Nikolay Savov said:
    I think ATI 7750 is the top - there was threat here in TH

    Awesome that looks perfect for him. Cheap. Low power requirements. Decent performance even in games like BF3 and Crysis. Thanks alot man. :)
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