Gtx 660 or Radeon 7870 for gaming

I am planing on buying a graphics card for gaming my system specs are...
Intel i5 3570k (not overclocked yet)
Z77 mobo
8 gb ram
600 watt psu

I am having trouble making a decision on which graphics card to pick I am planning on playing games such as battlefield 3, crysis 3, metro last light, maybe borderlands 2, skyrim, and the game i plan on playing the most is Arma 3. I am hoping i can play these games on maxed settings with decent frames.

I have heard the radeon 7870 is a little better, but Arma 3 uses physx so should i get the gtx 660? Or is physx not worth it?

I am looking at 2 cards in my price range:

My monitor resolution is 1080p

Thanks for your responses
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  1. You can get the same 7870 a little cheaper on amazon. ($209 with a mail in rebate to make it $195)

    One thing to consider is that the AMD comes with bioshock infinite, tomb raider, and blood dragon. The 660 comes with metro last light. I think they are so similar so choose the one with the games you like the most.

    Just realized tiger direct is offering crysis 3 too. Might as well pay the extra $5 at tiger direct.
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