Graphics card or power supply making noise

I built my new computer around christmas time.
MSI GTX 550 ti
and a Logisys 575W PSU, cheap power supply.

About 2 months ago, while gaming, or full screening youtube or basically under load, something starts crackling, like a crackly noise. I cant tell what its from and i want it to go away, i've put my ear against both of them and sometime it seems its coming from the PSU and sometimes i think its coming from the GPU, any help on how i can tell what it is?
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  1. That sounds likes a short. Most likely from your cheap PSU. Thats why you dont buy cheap PSUs. The only way to resolve it would be to buy a new, quality PSU
  2. Do graphics cards ever make that noise?
  3. Any electronic component can short and arc. You should first try swapping out the PSU for a knows good one to determine which component is arcing
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