Is it worth it to upgrade my cpu or wait?

I have a amd phenom ii x4 910e and was wondering if its worth upgrading to the amd phenom ii x4 965 black edition, for the purpose of gaming?
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  1. Is it worth it? That's a tough one.

    BE is ~$90, and you're not going to get a huge return on your investment. If you just have cash burning a hole in your pocket ... then yes. Otherwise you're better off saving the money and putting it towards a new mobo/CPU combo.
  2. I figured as much, just needed a second opinion to be sure about it thanks for the reply.
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    THG only recommends upgrading CPUs if they are 3 tiers higher in their hierarchy chart. That being said, the upgrade would only be a 2 tier upgrade, so only you can make the call. However, here is an info page that may help you decide:
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