GTX 770 v.s GTX 780

Well, I am in no way buying a PC within the next month, but I'd like to ask if I should even out my budget by getting the upcoming 770 or focus my budget on the 780. I'll be playing BF4, Far Cry 3, and GTA IV for sure at 1920x1080p. My budget is around $1400 without tax and shipping (in Ontario, Canada, eh?). I was thinking:
i5 3570K
~$150-ish motherboard
Vengeance C70 Case
WD Blue 1TB 7200RPM
Corsair CX600-750 power supply
A basic 24x DVD drive

Is there anything I should change? Maybe a 680 FTW or a 7970?
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  1. 770 is a higher clocked 680, the 780 is a slightly cut down Titan. After an overclock the 780 matches or exeeds the Titan. Its alot of money but single GPU performance like that is alot to turn down.
  2. yes about a 20 to 30 % diffrence between the two but for sure hard to spend half your budget on a video card.

  3. 2/3 of the games you mentioned are AMD games. I would go 7970 ghz editition
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    1080p get a GTX 770.

    No sense in buying last years tech for a new build.

    If you can save a little more get the GTX 780
  5. I think you need CPU cooler and 770.

    I hope Im not too late
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