Will this power supply run these componets and is it a decent PSU?

7-120mm case cans
2-DVD burners
1-SSD drive
1-2 terabyte hard drive
660ti gpu
Noctua Cooler
16 gigs of ddr3 ram
Asus Sabertooth motherboard

Thanks for looking.
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    It will run that system with 3 x GTX 660 Ti cards. Use this instead. It is the same internals as the XFX but much more suited for your build. All XFX units are made by Seasonic. Seasonic is the best power supply manufacturer hands down.
  2. Thank you, you save me some serious coins.
  3. Glad to help! :)
  4. good choice, ive got the xfx 650w myself and its a lovely PSU
  5. anort can i perform a small overclock with that PSU
  6. You can overclock as much as you want. CPU and GPU as high as they will go. You are in no way even close to maxing out that power supply. In fact if you want to you can upgrade to an HD 7970 or GTX 680 and still have all the overclocking headroom you could ask for.
  7. that is great to know,thanks for stopping back in to answer my questions. :D
    Have a great weekend.........

    i think i will grab the sapphire 7870 xt
  8. Enjoy! :)
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