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In the past I have had no problems mounting .ISO's and using my CD drive, but all of the sudden now all the "drives" excluding the HDD's seem to be acting up. I read up on people having similar problems in Win 8 and they said it had to do with the registry. I went into the device manager and noticed that both "Virtual Drive" and my external CD drive TSSTcorp etc... now have exclamation points next to them. The error says that the data in the registry is either incomplete or corrupt.

What should I do to fix this? Thanks.
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  1. Windows 8 has its own built in ISO loader, no need to use a third party one. Just double click on the .iso file and it will mount it automatically
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    So I figured it out. I recently made the switch between an nVidia and AMD graphics card. I installed the new drivers over the old ones, then they both were present. I deleted the nVidia drivers and then my problem occurred. I ended up having to boot into safe mode where I could remove all graphics drivers, and then started fresh with the AMD ones, now everything is working. CD drives and virtual drives. And yes, I figured out that Win 8 has a nice built in mounter, but the problem was still occurring there as well. Thanks for the quick response though.
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