Confused about Eyefinity. My Geforce 9500GT ran 3 monitors?

So I was hoping this HD 7350 that came with my Acer a8 5500 would be able to run 3 monitors (I have 2 here on the desk, and i run a third to the TV in case i feel like watching something there), but with Eyefinity there is this whole displayport issue (which I don't own).

Which makes me wonder.. I have an old Geforce 9500GT that worked fine with 3 monitors.. 1 vga, 1 dvi-vga adapter, and hdmi to the tv. So what gives here? Why does it suddenly need DP (I mean, it's a different company, I know).
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  1. Needing a DisplayPort or Active DisplayPort adapter is for AMD cards not Nvidia. But with Nvidia until the GTX 6xx cards you could NOT run more than 2 monitors from a single card. You have to have 2 Nvidia cards all the up to and including the GTX 5xx cards.

    So in order to run 3 monitors at one time on a 9500GT you would need two cards. Not to say you can't have 3 devices plugged into it but only 2 can be active at one time unless you have 2 cards.
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