USB drivers not installing

Specs: Windows7 Home Premium 64b, SP1
Model: MX17R3 (dell)

So i have tried troubleshooting, even manual driver installation without success. Some reason my mouse still works but even basic things like charging my cell phone or using a USB to put files on isn't possible. It makes a cute little error blip at least!

Interesting to note I have 2 USBs that dont register at all - thats an old problem from 2 months ago; now the ones i have left will not install drivers. I do have autodriver install enabled.

What I was doing when this problem started: i was using computer like normal, not messing with installs or any programs. I close computer, next day open it and viola - i apparently struck fubar gold with my pc.

One suggestion that came was to try running gpedit and setting driver install that way - figured "why not?". When i try to do this I get message "mmc could not create the snap-in". Related?

I've also messed in device manager deleting and replugging the "other hardware" (code for my pc thinks im plugging in cylon tech and is not even gonna lie to me) and searching drivers that way. Nothing. Trouble shooters laugh at my issue and will give just enough hope to think they are doing something before finishing with a "driver not installed" message after a couple of minutes.

Really looking for some idea how to fix this; already spend hours on the boards with other sites and really dont think "use a system restore" is a real fix - cuz i dont have one (disabled that feature for an unrelated problem previously).

I've spent almost 8 hours on this on several occasions. Im tired. Irritated. Losing hope. Someone want to prove themselves worthy of the title of IT god? Here's your chance!
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  1. profkefah said:

    So i have installed the 2 drivers you linked me. The two non-working ports remain not working; the ability to connect USB devices also not working. Seems no improvement after installing.

    Any other ideas?

  2. go yo bios
    then upload an image
  3. profkefah said:
    go yo bios
    then upload an image

    I dont see a way to upload pics on this forum, so here's the summary of bios:

    BIOS version A07
    EC version 1.07
    ME Version
    Sandy Bridge QS

    CPU Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-2630QM

    Note: everything with USB has been set to enable except "wake support"

    Found the manufacturer chipset driver for USB and tried installing - get Error -1603 fatal installation. Havent found a way around that error yet...
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