AMD Radeon HD 7970 3GB vs GTX 670 2GB

Hello guys,
I am building a new pc. Kindda confused between the two graphic cards. Radeon HD 7970 looks good and has 3GB vram. GTX 670 has physx and only 2GB vram. Will the 2GB vram of 670 affect the fps? Is it really worth it to buy the nvidia card for physx? Or should I consider the 7970?
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  1. Unless you're playing HEAVILY modded games or on a triple monitor display, you won't need more than 2 GB of vram.

    And the 7970 will be better than the GTX 670 because it can be overclocked way better (if you get one with a 3rd party cooler)
  2. 2GB of RAM will not effect the performance one bit, unless you fill it up. If you are at 1080p then the 2GB it offers is totally fine. Despite what anyone might say PhysX is completely pointless. It is something offered in about 20 games, really nothing worth buying a card over.

    Anyway, the 7970 is faster at stock, marginally, and unlike the 670 overclocks like hell. Make sure you get one with a good cooler and it will be great.
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    The 7970 is the way to go for single card setups, physx is the real question because Nvidia will be licensing it for use on the AMD chips in the Xbox1/ps4 so maybe we will finally get a driver for use with AMD on PC (I dont really notice physx but I havnt compared screens since the last Batman game..) Physx is about as usefull as TressFX is.
  4. Metro last light looks good with physx on. Hmm saw the tech video but still i'll buy the 7970 as you're saying that one day physx can be used with AMD.
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