HDMI/DisplayPort to VGA?

I have a GTX 660 and a couple of big old 21" Belinea CRT's at my disposal and I'd like to use both monitors, but the video card has a HDMI port, a display port, a DVI-D port and a Dual-link DVI-I while the monitors only have analog 15-pin VGA inputs.

Now I use a DVI to DSUB(VGA?) converter to connect one of the monitors and it's working fine, but as I learned, the other DVI port is not carrying an analog signal, so I can't connect my other monitor there.

I did some search and found some adapters, but I'm not sure if I should go with Display port or HDMI or even if they would work with the CRT monitor with high resolution and refresh rates (1600x1200@85hz). So before jumping in, I'd like some feedback about how should I proceed.
Links for the adapters:
Delock Adapter HDMI-A male > VGA female
Delock Adapter Displayport male > VGA 15pin female

Any info would be appreciated!
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  1. You will need an active converter to convert an HDMI or DisplayPort signal into a VGA signal. For bandwidth reasons, you will probably want to go with a DisplayPort to VGA connector rather than an HDMI to VGA connector. Both of those converters that you linked seem to be limited to 1080p though.


    This one seems to be able to handle up to 1920x1200, but probably only at 60hz.
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