unsure if this is the best build for me and my budget

I have only recently taken a interest in building m. Own Computer and I have something in mind but I don't know if it is the best I can afford (budget being £900) .I am unsure what components to get . I already have HD7870 TAHITI but I am currently bottlenecked by the rest of my system which is 6 years old .I would be using my computer for gaming and other general tasks .

The system build I have put together myself is
2. I5 3570k
3. HD7870 TAHITI (already owned)
4. 32GB of corsair 1600MHz RAM
5. Corsair cx 750 Psu (already owned)
6. 2Tb segate HDD
7. 128GB san disk SSD
8. H110 watercooling by corsair
9. Corsair vengeance C70 case
10. Windows 7 home premium

Which comes to a total of £853.39 (not including things I already own)

I would like recommendtions on what I could improve and stay within my budget.

I am also curious on how far could I overclock the i5 and maintain reasonable temperatures.
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  1. Well, everything you've listed there is basically the best performance you could get. The bottleneck is really in your video card now. I'd suggest selling your video card and getting something along the lines of a 7970 and reducing the amount of RAM you have. Also, get a cheaper CPU cooler.

    The i5 should be able to overclock within the range of 4.3-4.7 without any issues.
  2. is this for gaming? because you won't need 32GB of ram in gaming. normally anything over 4 and under 12 gb is good, 32gb is outrageous unless your setting it up as a home server...
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    Not a bad build so far.

    Remove the Watercooler ( I have a friend who's cooler packed in pretty quick and destroyed his components. ) Replace it with a good Air Cooler a lot of the good ones overclock really well.

    I have 16 GB in my system and even that is overkill I never use it. 32GB is just a waste so drop down to 8 or 16GB ( 16gb if you can get it in a sale I got my Kingston 16GB ram 2 x 8 GB Sticks 1600 MHZ for like £58 on ebuyer in a sale )

    The GPU isn't top of the range but it aint bad. If you really wanna boost performance sell it and like mentioned use the extra money from ram and from the CPU cooler to purchase a good GPU
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