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Well basically I was trying to find the "AppDAta" folder in my C: drive but it won't appear.When i tried the search bar it simply got me no result but when i typr the path in my browser(GoogleChrome) it appears.So, this folder is hidden how to i view it.I am using Win 7 Ultimate 64bit.
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    There are two ways:
    1. Enable viewing hidden folders/files. Open Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization and select Folder Options. Now go to the 'View' tab and check 'Show hidden files, folders and drives'. Apply and close. Now you will be able to browse into that folder, which is in C:\Users\your_user_name\Appdata.

    2. Or you can just put this in your adressbar of windows explorer: C:\Users\Your_user_name_comes_here\Appdata and hit enter. This will open up the folder even if it is hidden.
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