Target=stable 120FPS What should i do/buy?

Hi everyone,

First thing first:

My rig:
Intel Core i7-3770 3.4Ghz 8MB Sk1155
Motherboard Asus P8Z77-M
Crucial Ballistix 1600Mhz 2x8GB
Benq XL2420T - Resolution 1920*1080 at 120hz
SSD Samsung 2.5" 840 Pro 256GB
Western Digital Blue 1TB SATA III 64MB
XFX Pro 550W Core Edition
Cooler Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 PRO
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64Bits

i consider myself not a casual gamer, although i am not a pro or trying to be one.

I see myself as a serious gamer, i spend a considerable part of my free time playing Black Ops II (i´ve been playing Call of Duty saga since the beginning)

I only play Black Ops II (multiplayer only, not even started to play the single player and probably i will never do like the previous editions).

I am trying to get a steady 120 fps. At the moment i only can hold 120FPS for a few seconds, usually my frame rate oscillates between 120FPS to 105FPS, playing with everything high/extra except anti-allising (turned off) and fxxa, which is not good enough for me.

i've downgraded the settings to the lowest possible but that didn't work, i got the same up and down FPS.

i am consider to buy another msi gtx 670 to do SLI and another motherboard and probably another PSU.
Is this the best option? what do you guys suggest?

Thank you in advance
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  1. get a GTX - 780, should provide more than 120FPS in Black ops 2
  2. Honestly, you probably can't tell the difference between 105 fps, and 120 fps. Inb4 120hz monitor. But if you insist on upgrading, the only logical upgrade would be the gtx 780, or a second gtx 670. I would recommend selling your gtx 670 and getting a gtx 780 if you must upgrade.
  3. I actually suggest going the AMD route; RadeonPro is completely worth the brand-change. I'ma say 7970 or 7990.
  4. Honestly i know for a fact i can't tell the difference between 105 fps, and 120 fps.I wouldn't waste your money if i was you.But if you insist the logical choice would indeed be to add another 670.Otherwise sell your current card and get a 780 if you want a single card.
  5. Every time that the frame rate oscillates, it's like a hiccup...and for me that´s not acceptable.
    Any other suggestions?
  6. Well. I don't know about NVidia cards, but AMD cards have RadeonPro; the program allows you to set a frame limit. Got hardware that pushes something between 55-70 fps? Set it to 50 and you'll have a silky-smooth experience. I do it with all my games; Skyrim for example. I can do between 50-70 fps depending on where the camera is. Got it frame-limited to 45. Not a single judder.

    But you'd have to get an AMD card.
  7. Setting it to 50 defeats the purpose of a 120hz monitor, but a frame capper at 100 would do the same. But honestly, it doesn't stutter when you go from 120 to 100 fps.
  8. Well, you could always try for an AMD Radeon HD 7970, but I don't think it'll be able to maintain at least 120fps.

    Your best bet will have to be the GTX 780. That, or something like two gtx 770's or a gtx 690 (kind of no point in getting a titan as the 690 outperforms it in almost every way for the same price, unless you need the extra vram).

    If the AMD Radeon HD 7970 does not give you at least 120fps stable, there is no reason to get any amd card. Two 7970's will be too noisy and produce too much heat and the 7990 gets outclassed about half the time by the 690 and also producing tons of coil whine and heat.
  9. i can do that as well.

    At the game, we can set a specific rate of frames.

    Anyway, doesn´t make sence playing with a lower frame rate.

    that´s why i bought a 120hz monitor.

    Currently i am having an excellent game experience at 105fps/120fps, but like i told before i want the game running flawless.
  10. Buying a AMD card is out of question as well, because my monitor only supports 3D with nvidia cards.
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