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HD4000 winXPro upgrade

I'm a winXPro devotee, we're not here to discuss or change my professional reliance on its predictability or stability/compatibility when gaming. I have just finished building my next Windows XP system only to find I am one piece short. I need a video card with as wide a range of capabilities, and particularly Windows XP support, within or under my $150 budget. I play everything from intellivision to Skyrim on my 3rd gen i3-3225/HD4000 but it has shown a proclivity for crashing the display driver when in run GTA IV... this is obviously not acceptable and Intel support though great until this point -- except no Anti-Aliasing on XP -- has shown no interest in this particular error. HD4000 did run gta4, and well, but it persistently and critically crashes the display driver on complex objects. So my single question based: on the information below, requirements above; what should i know about searching for a gaming equivalent to my new 2ms 27" monitor. I want to play GTA IV in 1920x1080 perfectly. I want to even dream of the day DX10 support for windows xp pro is reliable (nay sayers bite your tongue now)

My Rig:

- Intel BOXDH61CRB3 LGA 1155 Intel H61 SATA 3 Micro ATX with 1-PCI Express 2.0 x16, 2-PCI Express x1, 1-PCI Slot; listed from the cpu over in this order and all open (Full winXPro board support btw)
- Kingston HyperX Blu 2GB x 2 240-Pin SDRAM DDR3 1333 (4GB total)
- 3rd Generation Intel Core i3-3225 Ivy Bridge 3.3GHz LGA 1155 HD Graphics 4000
- DirectX Version: DirectX 10.0 (4.10.0000.5515) so says dxdiag, if not Just Cause 2... yet
- Windows XP Pro: sp3, dotnetfx3, vc++ 2005.2008.2010, otherwise stock, new, os build, no other changes except supposed dx upgrade
- Intel - HD Graphics Driver: [ ( -]
- Intel - Chipset Device Software:
- Intel - BIOS upgrade: BEH6110H.86A.0113.EB.EXE
- 1 WD 1-TB Black

I built this system entirely based on my vast noobish intelligence and it runs perfectly, and does everything my P4 wouldn't do, at speeds ten times i imagined, but i know not of video cards. Drop some knowledge please. What XP supporting/Anti-aliasing/Pixel Shading/Dx10 dreaming Video Card would you suggest? What should i know? What don't i know? What would you buy? What do you only suspect? What could i risk trying? And spare me the vista/7/8 diatribe, please, focus... XP's 39% desktop market share at decade one (2013), is not going away anytime soon. It remains the second most used desktop OS in the known universe. I'll be loving every minute of its supreme compatibility well-beyond decade two. Help me select a video card that will bridge as many gaps between now an then.
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  1. Support for XP will stop on 8th April 2014.
    There will be no update to patch security exploit afterward.
    It is a wise decision to get a new OS so that you will get continuous support and protection.
    Also, the aging OS is only going to have worse driver support and not utilizing the functionality of modern hardware. XP=No DX10, 11. End of story. No TRIM. No SRT.
    Better hardware makes computing a better experience is only part of the story. The remaining and more noticeable improvement on user experience is down to the software.
    Please love your computer hardware and yourself and give the computer and yourself the OS it and you deserves (Window 7 or 8). Spend the money on a new OS first.

    BTW, did you use Google translate?
  2. And i thought my NO V/7/8 DIATRIBES comment was excessive. Please stay on subject. I know nothing of video cards, please help.

    This is what i am aiming at.
    ECS Black Series NBGTX560-1GPI-F GeForce GTX 560 (Fermi) 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card

    Is this overkill for a single monitor? Am i limited to 2.0? is 2.1 useable, is 128bit far worse than 256bit?

    P.S. Huge case!!
  3. I suggest u leave the old system as is and build a new one on today's technology and parts. It's like saying - why would I game on my Playstation 2 and original Xbox when I have the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360... Makes absolutely no sense, unless I'm playing Steel Battalion!!!
  4. Again, not on topic, nor relevant. Please try to understand, my "today" is 2005-2010. I don't care about DX11 and beyond. IF you do not have direct answers to direct questions you are not helping anyone.... I love old games, this is my old game playing machine. It should be as versatile as possible. Help me pick a video card that will make this old game playing machine not sweat when it encounters a toughy like Gothic III, Fallout 3 or Borderlands. My primary goal is to play 2005-2010 games with absolute perfection, perhaps beyond... LIMIT YOUR ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS related to those I HAVE ASKED!!

    Additionally: is this a 2.0 PCI-E bus?
  5. in that regard, with your hardware, it makes NO difference which video card you choose because it's bound by your inferior motherboard...

    good luck with your endeavor

  6. If anyone here has knowledge on this subject please speak up. I am seeking people with positive feedback relating to the situation addressed at the top of this thread. Not fanatical adherence to upgrading.

    I need information for selecting a win XP Pro video card for a PCI Express 2.0 x16 slot with space around it in an Antec Mid-Tower case with Earthwatts 500 power supply 80 Plus Bronze. It has 4 and 6 plug video card power cords. Would this be an good video card? no compatibility issues? ASUS ENGTX550 Ti/DI/1GD5 GeForce GTX 550 Ti (Fermi) 1GB 192-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card Can you suggest better in the $150 price range?
  7. Best answer
    Just go and get a nVidia 560ti. Will play your games and nVidia are good at keeping oldre cards/os with driver updates.
  8. Please observe, Pyree and Dingo07, an intelligent and concise answer free from bigotry and zealotry. Thank you das_stig, you are clearly more apt than your peers on this subject. Many questions lay unresolved in this thread, specifically hardware compatibility is 100%? and overkill for a single monitor at 1920x1080, or is there no such thing? I presume your advice would hold true for all nvidia.

    Still, accepting more answers from anyone who would care to school us on the subject.
  9. Pyree said:
    BTW, did you use Google translate?

    No, those are all English words at the top, even the big ones.
  10. With a budget of $150, you may be able to find a GTX650Ti Boost Edition.
  11. ^+1.
    Any current card will run perfectly in the system as built, (providing it fits the case and the PSU can feed it!).
    I thought XP was restricted to DX9 or lower, or have I missed some community developments?
    And as a little Devil on your shoulder I whisper: You could dual boot XP/something else! There's plenty of room on that HDD...Go on...Go on...You know you want it ;)
  12. ^ That is one of the features of Windows 7, being able to run XP inside it but you need Win7 Pro or Ultimate to do so.

    Xabache , you would get more help if your attitude was more agreeable. The good people here were merely suggesting a better course of action for you and if that was not acceptable to you a polite no thank you would do. Maybe your tired of being told to switch from something that you like and it's making you respond in this manor, but do try to know that the responses were aimed at getting you a better gaming experience. If you didn't want to play games then you could use XP for quite a long time with no issues except for security. Please keep in mind that once Microsoft no longer provides security updates your OS will be vulnerable to outside intrusion.

    I used Windows XP for a long time and Windows Vista came and went and I was still in XP simply because it was one of the best operating systems that Microsoft put out. I eventually went with Windows 7 because of the advancements in hardware and drivers and I wanted to use the most recent hardware and I also found that Windows 7 was like XP , one of the better operating systems. Now I certainly won't be recommending Win.8 anytime soon as I don't believe I will switch to it.

    In your case you won't be able to use the newer video cards because of the lack of support and you will be stuck with older versions of video cards. Most likely the best that you can get for XP will be a GTX 480 if you can find one although I don't know what price you will find one for. The 560Ti and 550Ti will be more in your budget.
    Because gaming pushes a computers hardware the OS needs to be able to work with the hardware and the less support you get and the lower the driver standard the more the OS will crash.
  13. Xabache ... do you drive a porsche?
  14. Porsche... there is No Substitute.

  15. I dual boot to an even better OS indeed, winXPro naked. Suggestions never include bullying, your experience was specifically and repeatedly not requested regarding the upgrade, as reaction to this subject of upgradism is universally cultish. I've never been to windows update--but once. But thank you for the few brief moments of clarity on this subject. I'm certain win7 would be my choice if i wanted to upgrade. I do not now, or ever. Maybe the future will bring us a window X-p revival. Small, fast, perfect.

    I have built a hyper fast, flawless winXPro system of past dreams, all the familiarity of great programs long obsolete now run at speeds beyond imagining, and much like my one ton 1974 BMW 2002tii I would not change a thing as it still eats 911's of its era, and the next, for lunch. You're all faster, I am certain, but some things were just born better. You're not better as the rallying cry of the win7 burdened stands, "does this run on 7???"

    GeForce GTX 560 SE... in the mail (G3D Mark: 2332, HD4000 was 125 of 430 on XP due to incredibly poor support for XP) ....$75 down from $129 last week, with 10 available XP drivers released in the last six months. Thank you das_stig for your singular clarity on this subject.

    Spare this thread any more of your off topic upgradism. Perhaps indulge your desires elsewhere as I was clear to begin with. We-xp are still #2 on the desktop of this planet despite your and microsoft's efforts, we might be number 1 again soon as win7 only leads XP by 4 points (43/39%) in worldwide desktop OS market share.

    I'll report back what this new card pushes my Passmarked: 1081 overall score system too. If i find the time between effortlessly gliding through a world built for me, by those like me. When my XP dream is complete, no one may ever even see me again. Thank you to those who created such a thing of perfection as this OS. It is the original OS. The future will say, it started with XP.
  16. I was only suggesting you dual boot to increase the systems flexibility, not out of a desire to see you upgrade to an OS you do n't want or need, you only had to say that rather than burdening the Forum with a windy, pretentious, humourless reply.
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