need xbox cable no idea what it is called

I need a cable for my xbox that has the red white and yellow connectors
I have no idea what to search for
I have brought a composite cable because I thought it was the same cable but with extra stuff for HD tvs or something but it didn't work on my tv and I have since been told they are different
searching both rca and rgb xbox cable appears to get something that looks similar but I have no idea
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  1. woo quick edit isn't working
    posted this again in error due to my mouse going mental and I accidentally closed the window immediately after clicking post topic (or whatever the button is labled) and I couldn't find the thread so I thought it hadn't got through but it appears to have now
  2. You're looking for Component cables. Xbox Component will get you upto 1080i resolution. The colors may be a bit over saturated as well, but you can calibrate your TV for that.
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