Cannot install graphics driver!

I first wanted to update to the latest drivers for my 680, but during the installation progress, the green progress bar just stops and doesn't go any further. So I tried to uninstall the current ones I had and then install it again, but it didn't work so now I have no drivers. Windows said I had a update, and it was to do with my 680, but that didn't work either, so I don't know what to do.
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  1. Try this.
    .. Delete the folder for Nvidia drivers.
    .. Reboot and Empty trashcan
    .. Should be using uSoft's default vga driver.
    .. Run
    ...... CCLeaner (may not be the best, but have had luck with it) scan Registry and FIX problems.
    ..... May be better (have not used) is Driver cleaner

    .. When done reboot and rerun your Nvidia driver install.

    Driver Cleaner:
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