3d vision and 670gtx sli

I am playing using 3d vision for a while.A year ago I made my new computer and bought a 670gtx 2gb from gygabite.

With the new games coming, I want to add a new 670gtx to make a SLI. But is 2gb will be enough not buy another card in a year? The 4gb version was not out when I bought my first one, and now I don't really know if it will be enough.
To be honest, I don't really know the impact of the 3d on the card memory.

corsair HX750w
intel 3570k
16gb corsair vengeance 12800
asrock extreme 4-m
gigabyte gtx 670 OC 2gb
aircooling Bequiet Dark Rock pro 2
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  1. If you are playing 3D Vision then you are limited to 1080p, and once 1080p requires more than 2GB of VRAM two 670's will not be fast enough. It's fine as is.
  2. Ok, so according to you, buying a second 670 worth the spending right now?
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