I need Intel Atom N570 processor driver. Urgent!

I have an Aspire One D257 Netbook and I recently installed Windows XP sp3.

All is well and I've managed to find all necessary drivers except the darn processor driver for the machine. Its driving me crazy. every place I find on the internet leads me to lists of device drivers for basic hardware components but no cpu driver.

the processor is foreign to me and this is whats happening..

The device manager is showing two listings for the cpu indicating to me that it's duel core processor. checking the driver properties, the information is blank. (nothing their)

the "my computer/properties shows "intel atom cpu n570 @ 1.66ghz, 997mhz. its also showing only one core.

the task manager is showing 4 active cores.

I tried using "everest" system tool to view what it reports about the cpu.
This is what it shows me. program is like CPU-Z.
motherboard/cpu -

multi cpu
cpu#1 intel atom cpu N570 @ 1.66ghz, 1662ghz
cpu#2 intel atom cpu N570 @ 1.66ghz, 1662ghz
cpu#3 intel atom cpu N570 @ 1.66ghz, 1662ghz
cpu#4 intel atom cpu N570 @ 1.66ghz, 1662ghz

cpu utilization
cpu#1 / core #1 / htt unit 1 *%
cpu#1 / core #1 / htt unit 2 *%
cpu#1 / core #2 / htt unit 1 *%
cpu#1 / core #2 / htt unit 2 *%

also i've read on wiki or some place that processor is a duel core, 4 thread cpu.
ive never saw anything like this before and if its a duel core why am I seeing 4 cores? I would love a cpu driver link please. im sure this would fix the issues.
thank you!
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    The processor information that Windows XP shows in the System Properties window is basically a snapshot based on current system status, and is affected by power management settings.

    Your Atom is a dual-core processor, but due to the way Hyper Threading works (by duplicating certain parts of each processor core), Windows will detect it as 4 separate cores.

    There is no such thing as a CPU driver. Older AMD processors required a Cool & Quiet driver under XP, but basic functions of the processor do not require a driver.

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