Laptop wont charge unless a VGA cord is plugged in.

Basically, unless I have my VGA cord is plugged in, my laptop wont charge. Also, when I do use an external monitor I have scan lines due to none of them being properly shielded.

Laptop: QX411-s02

For the scan lines, I mean that I have an unshielded VGA cord which causes interference on my monitor in the form of lines.

As for the charging I'll have it hooked up to charge and it won't charge. I've plugged in any number of peripherals including an HDMI cord. But it only seems to accept charge when I have a VGA cord plugged it. The charger itself is not visibly damaged, but I did replace the portion that goes from the wall to the brick.
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  1. Never heard of a trip circuit where it wouldn't charge without the card. What do you mean by "none of the scan lines being properly shielded"?
  2. Like Prostar said, you must explain better your problem. The VGA has nothing to do with charging, but the adapter cord definitely will be use to charge the battery. What kind of laptop you have, maker and model.
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