NZXT 410 vs HAF XM vs Fractal R4?

I've pretty much decided between these 3 cases but I'm not sure which is for me. I want good cooling because I plan to get a GTX 780 but a bit quieter would be nice too. Basically, I want the perfect balance. I assume all of these can fit the 10.5 inch card inside? What should I get? I know the R4 is great for sound but I'm not sure how much of a hit to cooling I would get with it.
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  1. IMHO, Fractal Design > NZXT >> CM. I have a Define Mini, and it is probably the nicest case I've owned; sturdy as an Antec with the fit and finish of a Lian Li. It is also very quiet.
  2. nzxt 630 is on sale

    nzxt h 630 will be available soon#

    however my vote goes for the fractal define r4 titanium grey window
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    I have the Fractal R4 with the window, its a well built case. In my opinion the styling is great. It also has some nice noise dampening material. With the R4 you can have 2x 140mm front fans, 1x 140mm exhaust, 2x 140mm top, and 1x 140mm side (if you get version without the window). It comes with 2 fans (one in rear and front). Oh I forgot there is room for a fan on the bottom too.

    The top half of the HDD cage is also removable so you can add even larger GPU's into it.
  4. The interior of that case looks good, but the white exterior makes it look like a laundry appliance :-). Cases are such a personal preference item though. That one is also a full tower, so it might be a lot bigger than you want.
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