Laptop-HDTV interfaced using HDMI, games seem laggy, help please

Hi everyone,

So I have a Dell laptop with Core i5, intel HD 4000, 8 GB RAM. I know that the configuration isn't great but games run smoothly when I run them at low or medium settings.

I connected my laptop to my 42 inch Panasonic Viera using a HDMI cable. The movies, videos play great but when I try playing games like Hitman absolution, assassin's creed 3 and some other high graphic games there is a bit of delay in both reaction to the controls as well as slight breaking of audio and sound. So yeah when I play it purely on laptop it's great and smooth but on TV it goes bad.

Is it something to do with my HDMI cable-TV, not syncing well with my laptop or something or do big 42 inch tvs put pressure on my puny graphic card?

Please help me out, I can't seem to figure out how to remove this delay in gameplay/audio delay and breaks. Thanks!!!
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  1. What is the resolution on your laptop? The iGPU may not be powerful enough to run them at the settings you want at 1080p (assuming the TV is 1080p).
  2. The HD4000 has to produce 2 images when connecting to an external moniter which is more then it can handle for gaming
  3. Does it make a difference if the OP disables the laptop monitor? (like when you select which source to output to, my laptop can mirror, extend, or external only).
  4. Yeah that would help but he would have to match the resoloution his moniter on the laptop produces to match the performance he is used to.
  5. Thanks a lot for your replies guys. Yeah it's a 1080p hdtv. My laptop is 15 inch screen with a resolution of 1280*720. I did not know bigger screens put extra pressure on the graphic device. I thought the hdmi cable is just used to project stuff from the laptop onto the tv screen plain and simple. So by matching the resolutions u mean- in game under options section I need to set the screen resolution as 1280*720 (same as the laptop resolution) or do I have to do this matching part somewhere else?
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    that will work ingame but i would also try disabling your laptop moniter while its connected aswell to add more preformance so your integrated gpu isnt working to produce 2 images at one time.
  7. Oh I see... I guess this is what it means
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