Windows 7, first time BSOD?

Help! Recently in the past month, my computer randomly (couple times a week, not too frequently) stalls when loading web pages, and unfreezes after a single tone beep. A week passed and it eventually stopped doing that and ended up giving a black screen when playing games. It gave a message that said "AMD drivers has stopped working and have been recovered".

I'm not an expert in computers, but I'd assume that meant that the driver crashed. I promptly went to downloaded updated display drivers though their main site. A couple of days passed and now it finally gave me a BSOD, I didn't get a chance to get the error code, and have no idea how to read .DMP files. Could anyone please help me find the issue and tell what the problem is?

Not sure if it's any help, but this happened when I started to leave my computer on overnight frequently (not more than 72 hours). I use CCleaner quite often too for the registry and temp folders. I recently uninstalled all the .NET Frameworks (1, 1.1, 2.0, 3, 4) and only have .NET 4.0 Client Profile installed due to a 4.0 automatic update being forever available. I live in Canada so it's relatively cool all year around. My computer also uses that Asus EPU thing for the CPU fan control.

.DMP file & CPUZ logs on Google Docs
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  1. Update the USB3 drivers and uninstall AMD Overdrive/EasyTune6, update or uninstall the ManyCam software - 2008 drivers are too old for W7 SP1.

    Uninstall the current ATI/AMD drivers, reboot and install again - or a different version.

    No antivirus installed?!

    This may be a hardware problem, let's see if doing the above changes anything.
    nusb3hub.sys Fri Apr 23 02:34:35 2010 (4BD0F92B)
    NEC Electronics USB 3.0 Host Controller Driver (previous BSOD issues with 2010 and earlier versions)

    nusb3xhc.sys Fri Apr 23 02:34:36 2010 (4BD0F92C)
    NEC Electronics USB 3.0 Host Controller Driver (previous BSOD issues with 2010 and earlier versions)

    AODDriver2.sys Thu Apr 5 10:23:37 2012 (4F7D6499)
    AMD Overdrive; also in EasyTune6 for Gigabyte motherboard Known BSOD issues in Win7

    ManyCam_x64.sys Thu Mar 13 07:46:01 2008 (47D8DBB9)
    ManyCam Virtual Webcam
  2. if the above solution doesn't work it might be hardware...

    mmm... several things could be causing this and none of them pretty.

    1) your psu could be dying
    2) your motherboard could be dying
    3) your gpu could be dying.

    the easiest one to test would be the gpu. pull it out and use the onboard graphics, see if you can reproduce the error.

    you can test the psu in a similar maner, just pull it out, replace it with a borrowed one and see if the problem persists.

    if the problem continues despite swapping the psu and gpu, then you've probably got a motherboard on the last legs. My money is on the psu/gpu but it could be the motherboard.
  3. Thanks for the replies! They're very much appreciated :].

    I'm in the process of uninstalling the AMD drivers, but can't seem to navigate through the USB3 driver website @__@.

    I don't like running active anti-viruses (Windows Defender/Essentials) as it gives me more trouble than it offers to solve. However, I do have Malwarebytes installed and full scan in safe mode occasionally.

    Hopefully that if its not a software issue, then its related to the 6770. I was planning on replacing it sooner or later as all the new games are starting to run with lower frames. I REALLY hope it's not the motherboard. With my small knowledge on computers, I'd think that it would be wiser to purchase a new core with the motherboard since the socket type is fairly old?

    Will updating the BIOS fix anything? I have never touched it, but apparently my motherboard comes with EZ Flash or something that helps with that.

    The problem isn't easily reproducible as it doesn't happen often, but it blue screen recently so I became more concerned.
  4. It may be easier to search the more recent ASUS motherboards for a newer USB3 driver (I checked some out but it looks like many of the more recent ones have the Asmedia USB 3.0)?

    If you're playing more recent games and hitting low frame rates, it would be better to drop the game settings to lower the stress on the GPU/PSU.

    Looks like your BIOS is 3 versions outdated, it might help to update it - but do bear in mind that BIOS updating can be risky. A simple BIOS reset to defaults could also help.
  5. Just blue screened again after playing LoL, it gave me a 0x000003b error. (Don't remember how many 0's there were) When it restarted, my mouse wasn't working so I had to replug the USB back in.

    I only uninstalled and re-installed the display drivers and removed manycam. Haven't updated the USB 3.0 drivers, but nothing is currently using them. Can I just uninstall them and have it work as a normal 2.0?

    Here's the .DMP
  6. You can disable the USB3 in the BIOS, hopefully that will block the drivers from loading.

    Not sure if I'll stay awake long enough to work through the dmp file yet though.
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    I'm not much wiser with this dump, the 'bad' AODDriver2.sys is still loading though, I have a feeling that this may be used by AMD Fire or one of the other AMD/ATI utilities. You can try to modify the CCC installation and remove Fire, or you could try to remove the drivers and install 'drivers only' during testing:
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