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So I am building a completely new computer, and needed some advice on video cards. I was thinking about getting a gtx 770 or 780 right now for my build, then selling it at around Christmas time when the amd volcanic series is release. I mainly want to do this because I would really prefer to build my pc now, but since the amd 9000 series is going to have the 20nm architecture, making it much faster then any of the 700 series cards, I would also like that in my build.

So basically my question is, if I get a 770 or 780 now, how much would you predicate I will be able to sell it for around Christmas time. I personally thought that it shouldn't lose to much value, as it will still be the top of the line card you can get from nvidia (the 800 series wont be out for much longer than that). Cause if I will lose to much money, I may just have to sit tight until Christmas.
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  1. Generally resell value is never good you could sell it for half of what you paid for it
  2. damn. I may just have to wait for christmas then
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