AMD 13.4 catalyst not installing correctly

Hi, figured this section is about GPU, i would like to ask what the heck is going on with my driver installation

I never had this problem before for installing drivers. Currently i m on 12.8 AMD version. However the new 13.4 WHQL version is out long time ago and currently there is a beta2 13.5.

However i wanted to install the 13.4, and i downloaded, installing etc etc. Except the installation takes like only 30sec and my driver version is still 12.8! The driver packaging version and 2d driver version are still matching the 12.8! Plus, techpowerup GPU.exe shows my drivers as 12.8. Version 13.4 wasnt installed at all?!

My GPU: 6570m 1gb GDDR5. The catalyst manager also shows that i need to update to 13.4 from 12.8. But this updating isnt happening?!
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  1. did you uninstall using AMD catalust uninstaller BEFORE installing the new drivers?
  2. Exactly, Uninstall everything, including the AMD install mananger. Restart again so that you are using the default windows video driver. Double check there is no more AMD software in the "Programs" list. AMD should be more clear on the matter.
    You might want to use Revo Uninstaller to make sure you have cleaned out the junk from the partial installs that didn't work!
  3. Here's a guide to properly installing your drivers.
  4. wow it used to just be able to install the new driver over the old one. Now we have to uninstall first?!
  5. mclericp said:
    wow it used to just be able to install the new driver over the old one. Now we have to uninstall first?!

    both AMD and Nvidia prefer to have clean installs because old files may interfere with the newer drivers. Nvidia builds the option in their drivers to "install as fresh" while amd provides a seperate catalyst uninstaller to do the job.
  6. You can install the drivers without having to utilize the catalyst installer. To do this, you will need to do the following:

    1. Run the installer to extract the files to the hard disk, then quit the installation.

    2. Open the control panel, and access the device manager.

    3. Right click on the graphics card, and click Update Driver Software.

    4. On this panel, click on "Browse My Computer for driver software."

    5. You will see a path box, and a checkbox. You will need to enter the location of the drivers, by default, this will be C:\AMD\Support\13-
    4_win7_win8_64_dd_ccc_whql\Packages\Drivers. You will also need to check the Include Subfolders checkbox. Click Next.

    6. Windows will start to install the drivers by itself, it should take a few minutes, and the screen will flicker a few times while its updating. Once its finished, the driver info panel should show that it is the correct version.

    After this is done, you can run the installer to install Catalyst for CrossfireX and any other installations you need.
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