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No expense concerns. I'd like to dig as deep as possible into discovering the best PSU I can.
I don't need a lot of power (barely 750w right now, 35amps). But, I'd like to have something that will last me for Years. So, I figured a solid 1k-1.2k watt PSU. I'd prefer modular, also something that I can get extensions for the cables easily. I'll be building a custom chassis soon, so I may need some extra length on some cables.
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  1. What are your specs?
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    Go with a Seasonic platinum or X series or a Corsair AXi. I have the Corsair AX1200i and have been very happy with its performance. The Seasonic X-series has a 5 year warranty and the Corsair and Seasonic Platinum have 7 year warranties.
  3. I would mostly agree with bignasty. Love Seasonic...very powerful, efficient, and well made. Until recently, most of Corsair's PSU's were built by Seasonic also. The high wattage models are now built by a company named Flextronics, which i know nothing about. Reliable? Maybe. I don't know. XFX PSU's are all made by Seasonic, so those are a safe bet too.,71,39&w=1200,1000&p=1&sort=a7,2913-5.html
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